BJ Matson • Montgomery County Realtor®

I have worked directly with thousands of home buyers here in Montgomery County, Maryland since 1994.
About 14 of those years were as the owner of a real estate and mortgage company in Rockville.  

You should never start visiting homes until you have fully addressed how you will pay.
I have 25+ years of putting together home-buying deals.  Let’s get you clarity to put your best foot forward.

It’s important to gain a good understanding of costs, monthly payment, & funds needed to close… before we go looking at homes.
It will serve you well as we get out there and find a home you love.  
It is my business to help you buy for the best price, pay the lowest costs, minimize funds paid out of your pocket, and obtain the lowest monthly payment possible.
I look forward to meeting you.

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BJ Matson, Realtor®

As my client, it’s my business that you;
– get complete contract liability protection
– get expert advice on loan & buying options given your income, assets, goals, and comfort level.
– buy for the best price
– pay the lowest costs
– obtain the lowest monthly payment possible
– find your new home!
BJ Matson




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