What happened to my water bill?? • $10 fix

My average water bill has been about $120 for every 3 month billing cycle ($40/month).


Imagine my shock when my latest bill was over $1,000 !


This happens to homeowners more than we realize.  Whether from a burst pipe while on vacation, or outdoor spigot left open, or as in my case a toilet flapper that wasn’t making a complete seal.

I called WSSC and they walked me through a few steps on my Water Meter, first.  We determined the meter was working and matched their outside reading that was taken.  There was no way around it, I had to find the source of the leak and stop it.

WSSC told me to fix the issue, and to then call them back.  They allow for this to happen to their customers 1x every 3 years, and they will ADJUST the bill.  Thank God they are understanding with this and don’t punish for this mishap.  They have complete control in this situation and I could have very well been screwed.  As is the case with cable companies, utilities, and govt run anything.  We’re completely at their mercy.

Thank you WSSC!

Moral of my story to all Homeowners… if something similar happens to you and your Water Bill, see if you are eligible for this Bill adjustment and avoid getting ‘soaked’.

You can do an easy check on all of your toilets’ flapper seal.  Put food coloring or Kool-Aid in the tank and let it sit for 15 mins.  When you come back, check if the water in the bowl is still clear or turning the same color.  Clear= all good    —    Colored= change your Flapper!  Cost is *8-$15
It’s a cheap easy fix to prevent a major expense.


BJ Matson
Real Estate Agent

BJ Matson Realtor Montgomery County Maryland


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