$0 down 

No money down up to $450,000 sales price
This is not a USDA loan or VA loan. USDA is mostly for rural areas, and VA requires military background for VA eligibility.
Most of Montgomery County is eligible. Up to 450k sales price.
No 2nd loan to pay back
No mortgage insurance
No fees rolled into the loan like FHA & VA 

$350,000 sales price example;
1,671        principal + interest (4% interest rate used for example. actual rate may differ)
       0        mortgage insurance
   346        property taxes
   107        hoa fee
     95        homeowner's insurance
2,219   total estimated monthly payment

Funds needed at closing will typically include; closing costs + prepaid expenses (property taxes, homeowner's insurance, mortgage interest).  To buy this $350,000 home in Montgomery County you can expect your total funds needed (not including down payment) at the closing table to you will need about $12,145 to pay at the closing table, in addition to any down payment (see Calculator).  However, with this $0 down program, this estimate is reduced to an estimated; 
+ $0 down payment
= $5,000 total funds needed (estimated) 

Preliminary requirements;
-- 1st time buyer(s)
-- purchase in Montgomery County, Maryland
-- make less than 118k household income
-- good credit
(above are minimum guidelines and don't guarantee approval)

Depending on your finances & goals, this $0 down program may not be the best fit for you. 
Make sure to also visit our Montgomery County First-time Home Buyer program page and read through other possible options.



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*Not everyone qualifies. Ask for details of program. Buyer income, debts, credit, property, and more are analyzed to determine if qualified and for how much. You will be required to show some established savings.  
*Any and all scenarios shown are to present helpful information estimates for your better understanding.  No interest rates, or amount of assistance, or cost savings, or payment savings, or anything else is promised. Rates and program guidelines can change any time. Every buyer is unique thus actual numbers are communicated and put in writing once your specific details are verified. Final approval is given once fully underwritten by lender and exact terms and funds needed are confirmed.
*Eligible to apply does not guarantee approval. Lender review includes income, credit history, and employment when considering your application.
*All buyers must have good credit