$350,000 home • $5,000 total needed

350k / 5k / 2300 $5,000 needed at closing - $350,000 home - pay $2,300 a month If your total household income is a minimum of $89,000 you may be eligible.  Below are some examples of listings that can be purchased with a total [...]

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Buy a home in Maryland with no money down

100% financing • $0 down 100% • There is another loan program (not VA or USDA) available that does not require a down payment.  VA loans and USDA loans are the 2 programs most Lenders refer to when they advertise "No money down!" or "100% financing".  It's a [...]

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Front Foot Benefit Charge – What is it? How long will I have it?

The Washington Suburban & Sanitation Commission (WSSC) explains Front Foot Benefit Charges;  https://www.wsscwater.com/customer-service/rates/front-foot-benefit-charges.html Here in Montgomery County we have seen this more and more on the newer developments. It's a way of prorating service charges specifically to those who are using them.  Instead of [...]

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