Buying a home with Well Water – What should I test for?

Testing your well water


Most people think of Radon gas, another test that should be done when buying your home.  Radon can be found in outdoor air, indoor air, soil air, and ground water.  People exposed to radon in drinking water have higher chance of getting lung cancer.  Learn more about Radon & testing

Including E Coli

Including Nitrite & Nitrate

Here’s a good website to help you interpret your water testing results.
You’ll see MCL= Maximum permissable Contaminant Levels
Water is tested to see if it is safe for human consumption & meets federal, state, and local requirements.


Also think about getting a whole-house water filter & purifier.
Well water or not, this is a great solution to improving your water.  Installed at the main line, so ALL of your water is affected;  drinking, showers, laundry…
For @ $1,500 you can have one installed.

See pic below with the recommended 2-filter setup.  The first filter is permanent and gets out the bigger particles. Having this first pre-filter, will make your expensive micro-filter last much longer.  It then goes through the 2nd filter which filters the micro particles and chemicals.  It needs replaced @ every year and costs $85.  Once your water hits the fridge filter, then your coffee pods filter… You’ll be drinking 4x filtered water for your coffee :))  Trust me, tastes wonderful.  Not to mention how your hair feels after a shower… and most importantly, great drinking water!






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