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Property Management
Management of detached homes, townhomes, condos, multi-unit rental properties, and HOA’s.

Our property management company will complete a market analysis of your home, and provide you with a marketing pricing strategy, as well as a suggested rent price. Your rental will be advertised through the internet, the same way as homes for sale.

Each property is assigned to a Leasing Consultant for marketing. We coordinate all advertising, place rental signs for marketing, lock box if required, field and screen the phone calls, and show your property. When we find prospective tenants, we run credit, background, and criminal checks on all applicants. We also verify income history, and rental/purchase history.

Your property is assigned to a team for Property Management who serve as the maintenance contact points for both owners and tenants. The Property Managers scrutinize all maintenance calls, take care of minor maintenance, and keep the owners informed of any major maintenance issues as they occur.

Most maintenance is handled through our in-house maintenance staff.  We have a maintenance reporting line that can be reached 24/7.   Emergencies are sent to the Managers.

A move in inspection is done, and a move out inspection is done. In between we perform periodic inspections to identify needed repairs, and ensure tenant compliance with the lease agreement.
Inspections will be performed as well if;  tenant starts paying late, not paying at all, calls in excessive maintenance, or we get complaint from neighbors or others.

We’ll check for electrical & plumbing problems, seasonal preventative maintenance, proper care of heating and cooling systems, home exterior issues, & lawn care.

Rent Proceeds/Security Deposits:

Security deposits in escrow accounts, and operating owner accounts for each property, and provide detailed monthly statements itemizing all income, and expenses each month.  After receiving rental payments, the funds are forwarded to the owner via check or electronic transfer. You, as the owner, will also have 24/7 access to your account online.  This ensures the owner is always aware of his/her property’s activity status.

We are the only firm that offers you an optional eviction insurance program!!

What we do NOT charge you for:
You are not charged Realtor fees equal to one month’s rent to market your home, as most companies do.  Your marketing fee is included in the initial set-up fee.

We do not charge you lease renewal fees equal to ½ to 1 month’s rent when we renew the tenants lease for you, as most companies do.

We do not ask you to put one month’s rent in maintenance reserves, as some companies do.

We do not charge you supervisory fees for normal work needed on your property.

We do not charge you if your home is vacant.  If there is no rent coming in, we do not collect a management fee. This is our motivation to get your home rented.

You will also be provided:

• Tenant Screening Including Criminal, Credit, and Income verification

• Collection and Retention of Tenant Security Deposits

• Timely Rent Disbursements to Owners

• Direct Deposit for Owners, and online Owner Access to Financials

• Monthly CPA Audits On All Accounts

• Audited Year-End Financials & Owner 1099 Preparation

• Routine Internal and External Property Inspections

• 24/7 Maintenance and Emergency Services

• Eviction Protection Plan & Possession Services

• National Collections Presence

• Risk Mitigation Policies and Procedures


Typical fees, will vary depending on your specific situation:

1) If you have a stable tenant in place, the initial set up fee is only $250.

2) If you require marketing, and need a tenant found and placed, the initial fee is $450, and this includes ALL marketing costs. (This is where most companies would charge you 1 month’s rent to find a tenant)

In both cases, the monthly management fee is 10% of the collected rent.

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