Dude, where’s my AC unit?

Posted by BJ Matson on Wednesday, July 24th, 2013 at 2:22pm.

How much do A/C unit ‘coils’ go for in the open market?
Tanyaand I did our walk-through Thursday evening.  Everything went fine until we saw a completely dismantled A/C unit on her back deck.

What the heck??  Last checked at Home Inspection, we had a fully operational A/C unit.  This was an old unit but worked fine.  Closing was all set and scheduled for the next day at 1:00…  what to do?  This was a Bank foreclosure, so possibly even tougher to get resolution quickly.

The Seller’s Agent was able to get a contractor out early the next morning.  He determined someone took it apart to steal the Coils inside.  I never knew this was an issue until I did some research.  It appears as the summer months approach, police are warning home owners to watch out for thieves targeting copper coils inside air conditioning units.  Who knew?

It was determined that this A/C unit could not be fixed.
A lot of good can come from bad..  turns out the Bank agreed to purchase a brand new unit for Tanya.  $3,257

We got it on the HUD closing statement and Tanya walked away with a brand new unit.  In fact, on this foreclosure, Tanya also got herself a brand new roof.  Not to mention, her new home.

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