Buying an older home? | let me know...

Posted by on Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 at 5:43pm.

I recently had a client who purchased a 104 year old home!

Important questions we'll need to get answered:

- How old is the furnace and when was it last serviced?

- When was your electrical unit replaced? How many amps for your electrical system? Is there a circuit breaker?
What type of wiring and when was it last serviced?

- How old is the roof?  What kind of material is it made from? asphalt shingle, etc..  What condition is it in?

- When was the plumbing renovated?  What material was used?  pvc plastic pipe, copper, etc..  When was it last serviced?


Insurers get more nervous on older homes for obvious reasons. 
Knowing it's history will help you obtain your policy, and can help you lower your premium!





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