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BJ Matson, home buying expert Maryland As my client, we will accomplish the following;
1) expert advice on all loan & buying options available given your income, assets, and goals.
2) purchase your home for the lowest closing costs possible
3) negotiate the best price and terms
4) protect your contract liability

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BJ Matson - Realtor - Montgomery County, Maryland real estate

I have been helping clients buy their home in Montgomery County, Maryland for over 25 years.  1st-time home buyers, make sure to ask me about our >>First-Time Buyer program.  Guaranteed lowest costs.  I will show you how to get a significantly lower payment, and qualify for more home.   

I grew up in Montgomery County, Maryland and have worked real estate & financing here locally since early 1994.  I live and work the North Bethesda-Olney-Rockville-Silver Spring areas daily.  It's these areas of our County where I help most of my Seller clients.  As my seller client, I utilize our extensive database of buyers looking to purchase in our area and your area specifically (ask for a demo).  Our active list of buyers looking, combined with my local experience (25+ years) and relationships with the other local Agents... we will find your buyer and get you the most for your home in the shortest time.  

I graduated from Springbrook High School class of 1988, and West Virginia University where I earned my B.S. Degree in Finance (yes, the 4yr plan). As your Realtor® I am committed to providing you unparalleled advice and customer service.  I will aggressively protect your liability as my client.  

Montgomery County has been a great place to live.  My two boys are very active in the Olney sports programs. It is here that I help coach with the Olney Boys & Girls programs where my sons participate in OBGC football, baseball, and wrestling. A wonderful place to raise my family.  It brings me great satisfaction to share with you my years of learned experience and put you in the best position possible as my client.  I look forward to meeting you and learning more about how I can help you.
- BJ Matson


Olney Mill neighborhood

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I recently had the pleasure of arranging the mortgage financing for a client of BJ Matson.  While the overall transaction had the same bumps that can be expected on any purchase, they were a lot smoother because BJ was the buyer's agent. Any time an issue would arise, BJ was eager to help find a solution.  He was never over-bearing or pushy, he was simply interested in finding solutions that would be in the best interest of our mutual client.

I found this quite refreshing; when many agents seem to act in a manner that is to protect their own commission, BJ acted in a manner that was to protect his clients interests.  It can be assumed that every first time home buyer will have some hiccup along the way, and when that happens I want BJ on my side.

Joshua B

After a lot of back and forth, hemming and hawing, I finally worked up enough courage to begin searching for a house in Silver Spring.  I didn’t have much in savings- certainly not the 20% most people want you to have in your savings account before you even start looking.

Marlena Al....

Leisure World - BJ was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He was pleasant, patient and very professional in finding the right house for me. I was so impressed with him that I referred him to my daughter who was also looking for a home. I would highly recommend BJ to all of my family and friends and especially first time buyers because of his confident and calming personality.

Josephine B

BJ is a true professional. He is personable, knowledgeable, creative, enthusiastic, and most importantly, caring. He always has his clients best interest in mind. His attention to detail is superb.Real Estate sales transactions have many moving parts.  Contract timeframes and deadlines, appraisal, home inspections, loan financing, settlement dates... BJ has a watchful eye on all these items and is able communicate effectively with all the many different parties to the sales transaction to make sure contracts settle on time.

I have sent clients to BJ in the past and will do so many times in the future without hesitation.  As a 20 year veteran of the lending industry, I know how important it is to work with professionals.  BJ is a true professional. Need a reference to talk to about BJ – Call me. Eric Strasser, SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. – Industry Professional since 1990.  301-996-5001
Eric S

Eric S

Germantown - Buying a home for the first time can be a pretty intimidating process.  When I started on my search for a new home I had no idea where to begin or who to talk to.   After meeting with a few agents and getting rather frustrated, I stumbled upon BJ’s name and decided to give him a call.

I knew from our first meeting that I had found the agent for me.  BJ took the time to walk me through all the steps of the home buying process, helped me to set reasonable expectations on what I could afford, and recommended a few great lenders that shared his customer service values……. And that was all at our first meeting!!  For weeks BJ patiently toured all the homes that I wanted to see, was prepared with the details on every house prior to our visit and made notes of all my questions and “must haves” to help narrow the search.  When I finally chose “the one” BJ jumped into high gear and coordinated with the selling agent, lender and a host of others to make sure that I got into my new home. I do not know how I would have done it without him.

BJ would tell you that he was just doing his job…… but I have worked with other agents and their knowledge, customer service and follow-through pale in comparison to BJ’s – he really goes above and beyond and I value him as a trusted advisor and friend.
BJ Matson made my dream of owning a home a reality – Thanks BJ!!

Jennifer Russillo

BJ is the absolute best realtor!!! My wife spent close to a year looking online for a house before we finally decided to get a realtor involved.  Our first realtor took us to a few houses, but split her time between us and other clients and never really listened to our needs or showed us the types of homes we wanted (time wasted before getting BJ as our realtor).

My wife then contacted BJ who not only listened to what we wanted (a large kitchen, 4 bedrooms, etc...) but he also spent a LOT of time listening to our needs and providing advice.  A short time after having BJ as our realtor we found our dream home.

BJ is friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Scott Pepin

It's such a pleasure to write this testimonial for BJ.  BJ is really one of a kind!  We run into BJ completely by accident - we were working with other agents and we called BJ to see one of his listings in Silver Spring as our agents had other commitments that day and weren't able to show us the property.  We liked BJ's professionalism and helpfulness and asked him if he would be willing to work with us...  We hated the house we saw but we loved the opportunity to have met him as we strongly believe that if it wasn't for BJ we would not have owned the house we love now!

BJ is very professional, trustworthy, supportive and resourceful.  He never pressures you - actually steps aside and give you the space you need to evaluate a property before he shares his perspective.  Some days we felt so bad that we couldn't find our house after seeing 5-8 houses on a single day and doing that 3-4 days per week on average for months.  We felt we were having problems deciding and may be having unrealistic expectations for what we could afford and hence, we felt worried if we were wasting too much of his time.  But BJ didn't feel that way and he always assured us that it's okay to be honest to our feelings and never settle for anything less than"the one".

BJ is very hard working - always going above and beyond.  BJ also works with a network of highly skilled and professional and supportive professionals - from bankers to home inspectors to others - who value you and are willing to go the extra mile because you are BJ's client.

BJ certainly raises the bar high and I can never overstate the expertise, value and positive outlook he brings to the long and complicated home buying process.

Many thanks BJ for all your help and best wishes to you!

Hiwot Mengesha

Colonnade Kentlands - BJ has a great personality, professionalism and he is very knowledgeable Realtor.  He was very patient towards me.  He is a good communicator and also is always on time. 

Because of him I ended up getting my beautiful condominium in Kentlands

Solomon Sahle

College Park - BJ is a great professional! I would have to say that his strongest quality is communication. He is good at understanding his clients’ needs and he tries hard to achieve the best for them. In a business like real estate, these qualities are CRUCIAL and they’re the differentiating factor from simply good to PERFECT service. In my honest opinion he is one of the best professionals I’ve ever worked with. I highly recommend him! 
Iason P

Iason P

Clarksburg - My husband and I had been looking to purchase a house for 2 years in another state.  We relocated to Maryland, not knowing anyone, nor the different areas.  I fell onto BJ's website late one night and the next morning, BJ had already taken the time to provide feedback to all my questions. 

BJ was always the consummate professional, knowledgeable and always eager to find the answer, if he was unsure about something.  Despite us changing our minds SEVERAL times, BJ never expressed frustration or impatience, and most importantly never made us feel bad about our 2nd thoughts.  I would definitely recommend BJ to anyone searching for a new place to call their own!

Johanne & Raymond

I recently purchased my very first home and BJ was very knowledgeable, helpful and patient with me throughout the entire process. He also helped my mother purchase a home too! He exceeded and went over and beyond my expectations.  Prior to my settlement, I had some unexpected things happen (I needed a new roof and someone had stolen my a/c unit) and within a few hours of my closing, BJ made sure that both items were replaced!  I highly recommend BJ to anyone who is looking to purchase a home.

Tanya B

When my wife and I finally decided to embark on the ardous task of buying the "perfect house", we turned to a couple of realtors we knew from previous purchases.  To our dismay, we were told that our situation was quite complicated since we owned other properties and that we had set our standards too high!  Soon, both the realtors and lenders gave up on us! 

That's when BJ came to the rescue and approached us with a renewed sense of hope!  From the get go, BJ worked relentlessly and often went the extra mile to simplify the home buying process.  He referred us to lenders that were superb!  Despite our predicament and high standards, BJ helped us find the perfect house for our family!! Today, we are certain that without his help and dedication, we would have given up the home search long ago. 

BJ is smart, professional, relatable, hardworking, moreover, heaven sent!!!

Nikodimos Fikru